South Mountain YMCA

Counselor in Training (CIT)

We believe in building leaders and responsible counselors. Our progressive program provides leadership training, team building and skill development. 

CIT’s are assigned to a senior SOMAPY counselor to shadow each week and prepare, organize and assist with camp activities. Our CIT's grow and develp a shared passion for kids and camp!

Due to curriculum requirements, this program is only offered in two, 3-week sessions, with the 3rd session available by week for those individuals who have successfully completed a prior full session.

Camp Registration Form
Camp Dates: Session 1
June 26 - July 14 and Session 2 July 17 - August 4
The 3rd session (or single week within the session) are available only for those who have successfully completed a prior full session.
Camp Fees: $546 each 3-week session.
Before and After Camp Care is NOT available.

Registrations must be turned in by July 13th for the 2nd session.  Only those who registered by May 26 will be able to attend the Camp & Safety Training with the Camp Staff.  All CIT’s must complete the mandatory Child Abuse Prevention online training prior to starting their first day of camp.
CIT Orientation and Training Guides - TBD

Parent Shout-Out:

“My daughter loved the kids and they loved her!  The daily stories were fantastic.  Seeing her grow as a person was the best part of this experience for me.  Learning that she is able to work and be an effective communicator was the best part of her experience for me.  All of the smiles, hugs and kind words from the kids made the experience worth every minute for her!”

"My son loves to work with children and wants to continue as a counselor going forward. This program gave him insight and proved to him that he was making a impact. As a CIT he worked with and helped children that were having difficulty working and playing with other children. It meant the world to him when one of the parents talked to him about the difference he made with their son!  This program instilled, and built, on his nature instinct and nurturing manner with others."