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South Mountain YMCA

Youth Basketball

8-Week Program Sessions

Winter 2: March 2-April 26, 2015 
Spring: April 27-June 21, 2015 - Registration starts April 6
All 5-digit Program Numbers below refer to our Winter 2 Session.

Easy Online Registration or Call (973) 762-4145    SPRING TRAVEL BASKETBALL -Grade 4 & Grade 5 Teams

Through our Y youth sports programs, millions of youth today are cultivating the values, skills and relationships that lead to positive behaviors, better health and educational achievement. The YMCA believes that its youth sports programs can help children to grow personally, clarify values, improve relationships, appreciate diversity, develop leadership skills and have fun.

Not only is the YMCA the birthplace of basketball, but the South Mountain YMCA has been providing the finest in youth basketball instruction  in the area for years.   Coaches Dave Berry and Fred Ross will provide leadership to all of our basketball programs.


Children will learn introductory basketball skills, the importance of fair play, teamwork and good sportsmanship all while having lots of fun!  Please observe age restrictions.
Tuesday 10:50-11:35am (70673)
Tuesday 3:40- 4:25pm  (70632)

3:45- 4:30pm  (70652)
Saturday  2:50 -3:35pm (70618) LEVEL 1 - For children new to basketball
Saturday  3:40 -4:25pm (70619) LEVEL 2 -
For children who have taken Kinder Basketball before.
Location: Y Gym
Fee: Tuesday and Wednesday $ 96; Saturday $84 (Only 7 classes - No class held on 5/23)

Fundamentals of basketball are taught (dribbling, passing, shooting and defense) along with the team concepts of offensive play and zone defense all done in a fun, values-oriented environment. Children new to basketball game play must take this class before enrolling in our League/Clinic program. Note that the children in this one day a week class are mixed in with the children in our regular League team practices in order to help the new children transfer more easily into the league when they are ready. Only a limited number of clinic only children are allowed at each practice time. Please observe age restrictions.
Grades 1 & 2: 
   Tuesday 5:25 - 6:10pm (70653)
   Tuesday 6:10 - 6:55pm (70654)
   Wednesday 4:35 - 5:20pm (70622)
   Wednesday 5:20 - 6:05pm  (70621)
Grades 3 & 4:
    Tuesday 4:35 - 5:20pm (70655)
    Wednesday 6:10 - 6:55pm (70657)
    Wednesday 6:55 - 7:40pm (70663)
Location: Y Gym
Fee:   $96
This class is for children who have higher basketball skills already. If your child has been in previous basketball classes and game play and is looking to go to the next level and be challenged with a higher level of training, then this class is for them. The one hour class will be led by Coach Fred Ross who has over 30 years of experience training children in basketball fundamentals. The one hour class will cover all aspects of the game including dribbling, passing, shooting and position play. The class will be limited to 12 children.
Friday 6:30-7:30pm (70_____)
Location: Y Gym
Fee: $115
Children can participate in a fun, low-intensity basketball league where competition is not emphasized and team work and good sportsmanship are. No standings are kept and everyone plays at least one half of a game. Children with minimal basketball skills should do one of our Clinic Only programs first.  (see above)  Children new to the Y wishing to start off in the league must get permission from the Program Director, Dave Berry.
Placement evaluations for the children in this league will be held the first week of the session on Tues, April 28th or Wed, April 29th, and all team assignments and their schedule will be emailed out by Friday, May 1st. See below for the evaluation schedule. After placement on a team, players will have an assigned 45 minute practice time for the balance of the session on either a Tuesday or Wednesday.  Please inform the coach of any clinic practice scheduling requirements before the end of the evaluation. Do not ask for your child to be placed on a particular team unless there is a scheduling conflict (siblings will be placed on the same team). Depending on your team schedule, games will be on the weekends at one of the times listed below. All clinics and games are held in the Y Gym.  A team shirt is included.
Grades 1 & 2 (70645) Winter 2 Game Schedule
Initial Evaluations: Tues, April 28th or Wed, April 29th. Choose one of the team practice times listed below.  After evaluations team assignments will be emailed out on Friday, May 1st.
Team Practice/Clinic Times: Once assigned to a team, participants report to that Team’s practice time each week starting week 2
     Spurs:  Tues 5:25-6:10pm
     Knicks: Tues 6:10-6:55pm
     Celtics: Wed 4:35-5:20pm
     Bulls :   Wed 5:20-6:05pm
Games: Sundays – 3:00pm or 3:45pm or 4:30pm   Depending on the team schedule. First game = 5/3 and the last game = 6/21. 
Location for Evaluations, Clinics and Games: Y Gym
Fee:  $147
GRADES 3 & 4  (70637) Winter 2 Game Schedule
Initial Evaluations:
 Tues, April 28th or Wed, April 29th. Choose one of the team practice times listed below.  After evaluations team assignments will be emailed out on Friday, May 1st.
Team Practice/Clinic Times: Once assigned to a team, participants report to that Team’s practice time each week starting week 2
     Celtics & Spurs:    Tues 4:35-5:20pm
     Knicks :                Wed 6:10-6:55pm
     Lakers :                Wed 6:55-7:40pm
Games: Saturdays - 4:30pm, 5:15pm or Sunday 5:15pm Depending on the team schedule. First Game will be either 5/2 or 5/3 and the last game will be either 6/20 and 6/21. 
Location for Evaluations, Clinics and Games: Y Gym
Fee:  $147


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