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Gymnastics is a terrific way for children to develop fine motor skills, self-esteem, self-discipline and coordination while learning to love fitness and sport. We are dedicated to providing kids of all ages positive opportunities in a safe, fun environment.

From toddlers to high school seniors, we have it all. Check our Gymnastics Progression Guide for level requirements and skill development. All classes follow the YMCA of the USA Progressive skills program and USA-Gymnastics Safety Guidelines.

*For a teacher recommendation/evaluation, or questions contact Gailmarie at or call (973)762-4145 x115


Tiny Tumblers I (Walking – 2 ½yrs)
This intro to gymnastics helps to develop gross motor skills with rolling, balancing, swinging and crawling. Have fun stretching, playing parachute games, running obstacle courses, skill building, singing and more! Our structured class helps children transition into more independent gymnastics and sports classes.
Monday 9:00-9:30 am    
Thursday 9:00-9:30 am [Winter 1 only]
Location: Y Gym
Fee: $74 for Program Members, Free for WE Facility Members
Instructor: Miss Gail (Monday); Miss Alyssa (Thursday)

Tiny Tumblers II (Walking – 3 ½yrs) 
This toddler class has provides more advanced instruction and is for those who have taken Tiny Tumblers I or other gym classes. *Teacher recommendation or evaluation required
Thursday 9:00-9:45 am 
Friday 9:00-9:45 am      
Location: Y Gym
Fee: $88 for Program Members, Free for WE Facility Members
Instructor: Miss Alyssa (Thursday); Miss Gail (Friday)
*Contact Gailmarie or call (973)762-4145 x115

Open Play (Walking - 3yrs)
Open Play is three days a week and is children currently enrolled an Adult/Child class. Shake out your wiggles before your other class begins with this unstructured, supervised free play. Participation required; one adult per child.
Monday, Thursday, Friday 8:30-9:00 am 
Location: Y Gym
Free with Membership. Must register for each session


Schedule will change throughout the year as skill sets and ages grow. Drop off is strongly recommended to ensure participant concentration.

Superhero Training (3 - 4yrs)
Come save the day!  Train with us as we run, jump, tumble and climb over obstacles!  Our superhero themes keep gymnasts on the move and learning new skills.
Monday 9:45-10:30am   
Location: Y Gym
Fee: $88
Instructor: Miss Gail 

Stars (3 - 4yrs)
This is a perfect introduction to basic gymnastics with a fun and engaging instructor.
Gymnasts develop an understanding of gymnastics vocabulary and skills.
Thursday 10:00-10:45am 
Location: Y Gym 
Fee:   $104
Instructor: Miss Varrita

Shining Stars (3 - 4yrs)
This is our next level in preschool gymnastics skill development. Our instructor brings an understanding of the sport and highlights important technical vocabulary. *Teacher recommendation or evaluation required
Thursday 1:00-1:45pm 
Friday 10:00-10:45am   
Location: Y Gym 
Fee:   $104
Instructor: Miss Varrita

Shooting Stars (4 - 5½yrs) 
After Shining Stars or as starting point for older gymnasts, this class focuses on more challenging gymnastic skills and terminology.
Monday 10:45 - 11:30am (81063); Instructor: Miss Gail
Friday 11-11:45am (81062); Instructor: Miss Varrita
Location: Y Gym 
Fee: $109

Sparklers (4 - 5½yrs) 
Our highest level preschool class. The Sparklers are students either currently in Kindergarten or who have advanced past Shooting Stars. *Teacher recommendation or evaluation required.
Thursday 11:00am – 12:00pm 
Location: Y Gym 
Fee: $117
Instructor: Miss Varrita

*Contact Gailmarie or call (973)762-4145 x115


Classes are divided by skill level, and there may be more than one class in the gym simultaneously we work on Olympic events. Drop off is required to ensure concentration. Refer to our Gymnastics Progression Guide for class and skill development details.

5 Year Old Rollers (5 - 6yrs)
Identical to our Rollers class, but specifically for children not yet 6 years.
Thursday 3:45-4:45pm 
Location: Y Gym 
Fee: $144
Instructor: Courtney Hazlewood

Rollers (6 - 10yrs)
We introduce gymnastics skills on all Olympic events with an emphasis on flexibility, strength, and the basics. Begins with group warm-up/stretch, then gymnasts are grouped by ability while working on apparatus.
Thursday 3:45-4:45pm   
Saturday 10:35-11:35am 
Location: Y Gym 
Fee: Thursday $144, Saturday $164
Instructor: Courtney Hazlewood

Swingers (6 - 10yrs)
Develop additional skills on the four Olympic events: balance beam, vault, uneven bars and floor, while building fitness and conditioning. *Teacher recommendation or evaluation required
Monday 3:45-5:00pm     
Saturday 9:15-10:30am 
Location: Y Gym 
Fee: $174
Instructor: Courtney Hazlewood

Kippers (7 - 12yrs)
This class focuses on complex beginner skills and progresses to more advanced gymnastics skills. Previous gymnastics experience required. *Teacher recommendation or evaluation required
Monday 3:45-5:00pm 
Location: Y Gym
Fee: $152
Instructor: Courtney Hazlewood

Aspiring ACES (7 - 12yrs)
Gymnasts who show proficiency in transitioning to a team in the near future develop the skills needed to participate on our Pre-Team.
Saturday 8:30-10:00am 
Location: Y Gym
Fee: $184
Head Instructor: Courtney Hazlewood

Come one, come all! This fusion class combines gymnastics, dance, performance, and circus arts. We explore floor acrobatics, the trampoline, obstacle courses, tightrope, hooping and suspension. Plus gymnasts practice with circus props such as ribbons, hoops, juggling scarves & bubbles!


The South Mountain YMCA has a long, rich history with gymnastics that we are proud of! Our ACES Team is dedicated to learning new skills, cheering each other on and putting in the hard work to succeed.  The ACES compete across NJ, scooping up medals and experiencing other gyms. Competitive Gymnastics is an intrinsic aspect of our Y with our talented coaches guiding our strong, accomplished gymnasts along.


The Pre-Team prepares gymnasts for competition in a team structure concentrating on tumbling and dance connections, routine requirements, and essential gymnastics drills. Pre-Team scored meets are held with other NJ Gymnastics League Teams. Once Pre-Team members demonstrate specific learned skills on the balance beam, vault, uneven bars and floor, they advance to the ACES.

Pre-Team Schedule  (2 days/week)
Monday 5:00 -7:30pm at the Y Gym
Thursday 5:00-7:30pm 
at the 1st Presbyterian & Trinity Church (111 Irvington Avenue in S. Orange)

For more information, contact Gailmarie (973)762-4145 x115 or


Our Competitive Team offers the ideal opportunity for gymnasts with an aptitude and keen interest in the sport to take their skills to the next level. Gymnasts compete at individual skill levels at local, state, regional, and national competitions in the NJ YMCA Gymnastics League that follow the USA-G Junior Olympic Program rules and guidelines. Coaches are safety certified and USAG members with a combined 50 years of coaching and competition experience. Our goal is for every competing gymnast to reach her potential. Practices are typically held at two different locations. Practices are typically held at two different locations.

Practice Schedule/Location: 
Teams A, B and C (3 days per week) 

Monday 4:30-7:30pm at the Y Gym
Wednesday 5:00 - 7:30pm at the at the 1st Presbyterian & Trinity Church (111 Irvington Avenue in S. Orange)
Thursday 5:00-8:00pm at the Y Gym

For more information, contact Gailmarie (973)762-4145 x115 or 

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