Sussex County YMCA

Youth Sports Program

Wiggle Worms (Ages 2-4)
Learn basic gymnastic skills including rhythmic movement, rolls, jumps, landings and stands.
Parent stays for class.

Saturday  12:00-12:30pm
Facility Member:  Family FREE/Youth $73
Program Member:  $102

NEW! Ninja Academy (Ages 3-4)
Your little ninja warrior will get a kick from this mixed movement and obstacle training class.
Key concepts include being active, learning jumps, landings and rolls, building confidence,
following directions, and teamwork.

Monday  5:00- 5:45pm
Facility Member:   Family $68/Youth $73
Program Member:  $102

Rookie Sports (Ages 3-5)
Your child will learn the fundamentals of throwing, catching, kicking, running, dribbling, and more. Basic sports skills are introduced in a fun, non-competitive play environment. Parent participation is welcome.

Friday 11:00-11:45am
Facility Member:  Family $68/Youth $73
Program Member:  $102

Soccer Club (Ages 4-6) Located at Littell Center
Learn basic soccer skills in a play environment with emphasis on being active, following directions, and having fun.

Saturday  9:00-9:45am
Facility Member:  Family $68/Youth $73
Program Member:  $102
Community Member:  $107

Karate 1 and 2 (Ages 5 -15)
Learn self-defense, safety awareness, self esteem and communication.
Karate 1 (Ages 5-8)
Monday  6:30-7:25pm
Karate 2 (Ages 9-15)
Monday  7:30-8:30pm
Facility Member:Family $80/Youth/Teen $85
Program Member:  $120

Bear Basketball (Ages 4-6 and 7-9) Located at Littell Center
Learn the fundamentals of basketball through games and new drills. Emphasis on participation, sportsmanship, teamwork, skill development and having fun.
Saturday   10:00-10:45am
Facility Member:  Family $68/Youth $73
Program Member:  $102
Community Member:  $107

Kids Cardio (Ages 8-11)
This program is specifically for those youth looking to increase cardiovascular endurance and achieve or maintain a healthy weight. A certified trainer will work with children to create their own goals and encourage them to work towards meeting them.

Monday  5:30-6:15pm
Facility Member:  Family $65/Youth $70
Program Member:  $98

TEEN COACHING (Ages 12-16)
Teens work with specially trained Wellness Coaches in a safe environment. They will learn proper techniques for safe exercise and create positive behaviors for a healthier lifestyle. Ideal for all teens wishing to increase overall fitness and gain confidence, even meet new friends. This program runs for eight consecutive weeks from when you register. Choose up to three nights a week.

For more Information contact Alma Dhuyvetter, Wellness Director.
Monday - Friday (must pick 3 days)   7:00 - 9:00pm

Facility Member: Family $60/ Youth/Teen $65  Program Member: $90

Community-Member Group rate up to 10 people:  $250

Specific training designed for youth and teens.  Your personal trainer will help you to set realistic, attainable and appropriate goals based on your individual needs. They will assist you with the proper form and technique to ensure you get maximum results.
Teen Personal Training can help to:
Improve muscle tone and flexibility • Lose weight • Be more confident and improve self esteem • Increase strength • Improve nutritional habits • Make healthy living a lifestyle 

Wellness Center Personal Training Rates: 
Per Person
(1) 1-Hour Session $56
(2) 1-Hour Sessions $104
(4) 1-Hour Sessions $200
(6) 1-Hour Sessions $288
(8) 1-Hour Sessions $360
(10) 1-Hour Sessions $420
Partner Training
(1) 1-Hour Session $80
(2) 1-Hour Sessions $152
(4) 1-Hour Sessions $280
(6) 1-Hour Sessions $408
(8) 1-Hour Sessions $512
(10) 1-Hour Sessions $560

Learn what to do in life-threatening situations in and around water, rescue techniques, safety
policies and responsibilities of becoming a future certified lifeguard.
Saturday  12:00-1:00pm
Facility Member: Family $100/ Youth
Program Member:  $150