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Youth Swim Lessons

Beginning in the Fall of 2017, the YMCA swim lesson curriculum is getting an upgrade.
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April 17 - 21
Ages 3-13

Enroll your child in 5 FREE lessons that teach basic swim skills and water safety.  Preschool and young children are welcome.  No make up classes are allowed. Please, members who are currently in swim lessons are not permitted to enroll in Safety Around Water. 
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Whether it's the pool, beach, waterpark, or lake front, the Y wants you to be safe in and around the water.  With this in mind, the Y is offering one FREE session of swim lessons to all second grade children to teach swim and water safety skills and give kids and adults the chance to explore the many health benefits of swimming. Click here for more information.
Second graders, along with their parent or guardian, must present proof of age to enroll.

Spring (8 Weeks) and Summer (9 Weeks) Progressive Swim Lessons

Before registering your child for swim lessons, they must be evaluated for proper placement.  

Children within 1-2 months of the age requirement can be placed in a preschool lesson if approved by the aquatic director.

Children and adults with hair reaching their shoulders are required to wear a swim cap.  Caps can be purchased in the aquatics office. 

Parent/Child Swim Lessons (6 MONTHS - 3 YEARS)
30 Minute lessons

Shrimp (ages 6 months-3 years)

An introduction to water adjustment, safety and basic swimming skills for parent and child.  A positive early experience in water through song and games.  An adult must accompany child in the water.

Tuesday   11:30am
Saturday 9:00am
Sunday  9:00am

Spring:  Facility Family:  Free   Facility Youth:  $105   Program Member:  $150
Summer:  Facility Family:  Free   Facility Youth:  $118   Program Member:  $169

Preschool Swim Lessons (3-5 YEARS)

30 minute lessons 

Spring:  Facility Family: $95   Facility Youth:  $105   Program Member:  $150
Summer:  Facility Family:  $107  Facility Youth:  $118  Program Member:  $169

Pike (ages 3-5)

Instructors lead children in their first experience in the pool without parental assistance.  They will learn about pool safety, proper arm and leg motions, and be introduced to floating.  Students will paddle 5 feet without assistance.
Monday                    12:15pm or 4:30pm
Tues or Wed             5:00pm
Thursday                  5:30pm
Friday                      4:30pm
Saturday or Sunday  9:00am, 9:40am, or 11:00am

Eel (ages 3-5)

Prerequisite:  Successfully complete Pike.
Students will paddle over 5 yards in various positions, do a 10 second backfloat, jump from the edge and swim to the side.  Students will demonstrate all skills without assistance.
Monday                12:45pm or 5:00pm
Tues or Wed         4:30pm
Thurs or Fri          5:00pm
Sat or Sun            9:00am or 10:20am

Ray (ages 3-5)

Prerequisite:  Successfully complete Eel.
Students will paddle 12 yards and learn rhythmic breathing.  They will be introduced to diving and elementary backstroke.  Students will jump from starting blocks.
Monday         5:30pm
Wed              4:30pm
Friday           5:10pm
Sat or Sun     9:40am or 11:00am

Starfish (ages 3-5)

Prerequisite:  Successfully complete Ray.
Students will swim one lap of elementary and basic backstroke, basic freestyle, and master a kneeling dive.
Wednesday        5:30pm
Friday                5:30pm
Sat or Sun         10:20am

Youth Swim Lessons (AGES 6-12)
40 minute lessons

Spring:  Facility Family: $95   Facility Youth: $105    Program Member: $150
Summer:  Facility Family: $107   Facility Youth:  $118   Program Member:  $169


Beginner or non-swimmer students will get acquainted with the pool and learn pool safety.  Students will learn front and back floating, and paddle 12 yards in various positions.  Students will demonstrate all skills without assistance. 

Monday                 11:40am (Summer Only)
Tues or Fri              5:50pm
Thursday                4:30pm
Sat or Sun              9:50am


Prerequisite:  Successfully complete Polliwog.
Students begin learning freestyle, elementary backstroke and backstroke.  Students will swim 25 yards.  Breaststroke kick is introduced along with treading water and basic diving skills.

Monday                 12:20 (Summer Only)
Tues or Fri             4:30pm
Wednesday            5:10pm
Thursday                5:50pm
Sat or Sun              9:00am or 10:40am


Prerequisite:  Successfully complete Guppy. 
Students will swim 50 yards of formal strokes, including coordination of breathing, kick and arm motions.  Freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and sidestroke will be covered. Butterfly kick, standing and stride dives are introduced.

Monday                         4:30pm
Tue, Thurs or Fri            5:10pm
Sat or Sun                     9:50am or 11:30am

FISH (AGES 6-12)

Prerequisite:  Successfully complete Minnow.
Students will learn butterfly, refine the other strokes, and swim 75 yards with proper breathing.  Students will learn proper starts, turns and diving skills.
Monday or Friday     5:50pm
Wednesday             4:30pm
Sat or Sun               10:40am


Prerequisite:  Successfully complete Fish.
Students will develop racing starts, learn bilateral breathing, and increase endurance.  Students will refine butterfly over 50 yards, and swim all other strokes 150 yards.
Thursday                            5:50pm
Friday                                4:30pm
Saturday or Sunday            11:30am

Swim Clinic (AGES 8-13) 

Prerequisite:  Swim all strokes 100-200 yards. 
Refine all strokes, diving from blocks, and flip turns.  This is the last instructional swim class in the progressive swim program and will prepare participants for swim team.

Wednesday     5:30 - 6:30pm    
Thursday         6:30-7:30pm
Saturday         12:00-1:00pm

Spring:  Facility Member:  Family $108   Facility Member:  Youth $114   Program Member: $168
Summer:  Facility Member:  Family $121  Facility Member:  Youth $128   Program Member:  $189

Special Needs Swim Lessons

Designed for children of all ages with moderate to severe neurological, physical, or social challenges.  This program is overseen by instructors who will be in the water offering assistance to participants.  They will assist in teaching students how to swim as well as teaching adults the exercises that should be done with the child in the water.  An adult must accompany the child in the water.

Sunday   12:00-12:40pm

Facility Member:  Family$95  Youth $105     Program Member:  $150

Private Swim Lessons (30 MINUTES)

We offer one-on-one instruction with a certified swim instructor.  Designed to encourage swimmers at different levels and help them progress into group or personal aquatic activities.  Days and times based on instructor and pool availability.

Private (4 Lessons)

Facility Member:  Family/$160   Youth/Teen $168  
Program Member:  $200

Semi-Private (2 individuals, 4 lessons)
Facility Member:  $185/group
Program Member:  $220/group 

Intensive Private Swim Lessons

Summer Only

This training will consist of four 30 minute lessons, Monday through Thursday, during a week agreed upon by the instructor and participant.  During this program a skill determined by the participant will be worked on with different drills and equipment.  the development of the skill will be learned quicker due to repetition and constant practice outside of the lesson.

Special Offer   $140 per week