West Essex YMCA

Water Exercise

Adult Fitness In The Pool

Work with the natural resistance of the water to strengthen joints, tone body, and build muscle.  Experience a great variety of workouts from class to class!
(We recommend you have some level of comfort in water before participating)

Water Workout

($99 program – Free to facility members)
A great low-impact workout in the shallow and deep water.  Use every muscle while floating in the deep end of the pool with a comfortable floatation belt. 
Tue & Wed 10:00 am

Water Fitness Fusion

($99 program – Free to facility members)
A high energy water workout.  Test your limits by experiencing innovative exercise blended with traditional Aqua-Fitness.  *Individual physical limitations are always considered.
Wed & Fri 9:00 am

Water Dance

($99 program – Free to facility members)
A stress free workout in the shallow or deep area of the pool with low impact on joints and high cardiovascular conditioning.
Thu 10:00 am

Water Cardio & Core

($99 program – Free to facility)
A heart healthy workout in the shallow end of the pool designed to strengthen your entire body and core.
Fri 11:30 am

Water Arthritis Exercise

(Free to facility members, all others must pre-register though the Township of Livingston Senior, Youth, and Leisure Department)
Use the gentle resistance of the water to exercise your joints, bones, and muscles.
(Sep - May)  Tue & Thu 9:00 am