YMCA of Greater Bergen County

Summer Camp Testimonials

The YMCA utilizes the services of the surveying company SEER Analytics to run independent surveys of our camp programs.  SEER Analytics is a professional research service that conducts surveys for non-profit organizations including over 400 YMCA associations, companies and public bodies such as school systems across the United States.  Below are a selection of parent responses from our most recent SEER survey of our camp parents, more information about SEER analytics can be found on their website: www.seeranalytics.com

"The program gave my children more confidence and better skills in swimming. They thoroughly enjoyed all the activities and looked forward to going to camp every day. The camp helped them meet new friends and gave them the chance to be active. They appreciate nature and the environment even more. Furthermore, all staff members at YMCA treated them and me with respect and were extremely helpful and friendly. We are thinking about doing other programs at the YMCA and will definitely be back next year to attend the YMCA camp. My children and I feel this camp program is the best one they have ever attended. Bravo and Kudos to a fantastic camping experience for all at the YMCA of Greater Bergen County."


"I love this summer camp program . my daughter has been attending since she was 11 years old. she loves it !!I wish I would have found a lot sooner. I think the staff is wonderful, caring and loving . I love that they create a home away from home environment for the kids. this program has helped my daughter be more open to so many different things. I have nothing but great things to say... keep up the good work!!!you guys are doing such a wonderful job..."

"He had a wonderful time this summer at sleep away camp. Meeting new people from different ethnic backgrounds has made him feel more comfortable in his own world and has built his confidence. Established new relationships and acceptance for the person he truly is."

"Excellent program - opportunity to be independent, gain confidence, participate in healthy activities, meet people from many different backgrounds"

"My daughter has grown in self confidence since attending this camp. She comes from out of state, so her first year she knew only one other camper. Each year, she has made friends and deepened friendships made in the years before. The staff has also meant a lot to her, and she truly loves attending Camp Michikamau."

"My daughter was enrolled in the sleep away camp for the first time. She came home with nothing but high praise for the program having such wonderful experience that brought out her very best. Making new friends and challenging her abilities to go forward with out fear."

"My son has attended the last two summer of the sleep away camp. I have seen his maturity and growth in their activities. He appears open to making transition in to his environment showing more confidence."

"My son has been exposed to interacting with others in a social aspect which has taught him a lot. He had an incredible time and I was very happy to see that he looks forward to attending summer camp next year. He has also gotten a lot better in swimming which has helped him enjoy swimming even more. He built strong relationships with the staff & kids and is sad that he will not be seeing them until hopefully next summer."

"Both my kids were able to keep active in the programs activities. They also become more responsible young children. They also improved on communicating with other kids. They will come back next year!"

"Children have more confidence, positive attitude !!"

"First off, he absolutely loves it, and it's great to see him so enthusiastic since as a teen he's become typically blasé about much! Second, he lives in a  rarefied environment and I think it's critically important that he develop relationships with children of all backgrounds. Third, he's a free spirit and a large personality and he gets to express that most fully at camp."

"My son certainly enjoyed being outdoors. I tried placement in a camp in the city because of convenience and proximity to my job and he absolutely hated it! He rightly understood that the camp experience meant being outdoors, experiencing nature. YMCA day camp is almost the most budget-friendly option for my family."

"I think spending two weeks out doors has helped my daughter to be more open to experiences, be more flexible. I think the food served was excellent and her diet variety improved after the camp"

"My child loves the camp. She has been going there for a few summer and she is always looking forward to going back."

"Both my children attended YMCA camps for the last 12 years Michikamau especially is home away from home for both of them. Martin is doing a great job and I hope he stays for a long time"