The Importance of Swim Lessons

By: Mollie Shauger | Thursday, June 20, 2019 | Aquatics

child learning how to swim

Swim lessons are a great way to prepare young swimmers to enjoy the water in a much safer way. Here at the YMCA, we offer a number of learn-to-swim classes for swimmers of all ages. Beyond enjoyment, swim lessons offer new swimmers a number of benefits that can last a lifetime.

Improve Safety – For Everyone

Sadly, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that more than 3,400 people drown in the United States each year. Those that know how to swim are far more equipped to rescue someone that is struggling to swim. Furthermore, it’s a valuable skill to have for those who work with, or supervise, young children, who are more susceptible to suffering an injury while swimming.

Additionally, teaching children to swim at a young age helps prepare them to be safer around bodies of water. Swim lessons help adults and children become more comfortable in the water, and teaches them to float and safely operate in the water. This also empowers them to attend pool parties and enjoy social time with their friends in and around the water.

Healthy Benefits for Young Children

Children can take water safety courses or parent-child swimming lessons as early as 2-months old. Multiple studies have found many physical and neurological benefits of teaching children to swim in their toddler years. A long-term study performed by Griffith University found that 3-5 year old’s who learned to swim early had better verbal, math, and literacy skills when compared to children their same age that didn’t know how to swim. Furthermore, teaching young children to swim improves their self-control, boosts their self-esteem and gives them more self-confidence to handle new situations. Swimming also helps children develop healthy muscles, and improves their cardiovascular health and performance.

Incredible Health Benefits

Swimming is one of the best exercises a person can do, and it offers a list of incredible health benefits. First, swimming is a low-impact sport, which makes it great for any person of any age to practice. Seniors often enjoy swimming as a healthy cardiovascular exercise that won’t upset their joints. Unlike running or lifting weights, the low-impact of swimming empowers people to enjoy the sport their entire lives. Swimming is also an exercise that engages a lot of muscle groups, which makes it an incredible full-body workout. Swimming has been proven time and again to be one of the best calorie-burning exercises, and can aide in weight-loss, muscle growth, and promotes better overall cardiovascular health.

Excellent Competition

Swimming is a fun sport open for children of all ages to compete. Competitive swimming gives people a chance to train with a team and make new friends in a healthy space. Competitive swimming also offers students a chance to earn a scholarship and compete in college. This can help parents save money on expensive tuition costs, and gives their child a huge head-start on earning new friends while away at school.

Relaxing Fun

Most people that know how to swim get real enjoyment and relaxation from spending leisure time in the water. Being able to swim allows people to escape a hot summer day by going to the pool, or a natural body of water. The skill itself opens up an entirely natural world of lakes, rivers and oceans to explore and enjoy as a swimmer. You can hop in the boat with some friends to go water skiing, or enjoy snorkeling in the ocean and observing the countless wonders of the sea. Swimming doesn’t have to be relegated to a pool, and it’s a skill that empowers people to explore. So, if you don’t know how to swim, or you want to teach your family to swim, then contact the YMCA for more information about our many learn-to-swim programs.

A True Life-long Skill

Swimming is a life-long skill that swimmers can practice year-round. According to the CDC, swimming can help with chronic diseases and mental health. Water-based exercising like swimming improves the use of joints affected by arthritis, and can help seniors exercise in a healthy environment long after retirement.

Learn to Swim at the YMCA

The Metro YMCA in northern NJ provides water safety classes for the whole family, so that each member of your family is confident around bodies of water. We also offer swim lessons for children with moderate-to-severe neurological, physical, or social challenges.

Call us today to learn more about our swimming lessons. Because the Y is for all, we offer financial assistance for qualifying individuals and families who want to participate in our programs.


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