Sussex County YMCA

Family Time

Family Nights
This night is to help busy families reconnect and have fun together. Activities include swimming, hands-on projects, dancing, pizza and more.
Registration is required at the Welcome Center.

Theme: The Great Pumpkin Swim
An evening of fall themed family fun | Decorate and swim with pumpkins
Friday, October 26  6:30-8:30pm

Theme: Flapjacks and Fun
Enjoy a morning of endless flapjacks with family and friends.
Saturday, December 8  9:30-11:30am
FREE for family facility members.

Family Games
What better way to bring the family together than with a round of some fun and lively backyard themed games!
Games include: ladder ball, kan jam, HORSE, cornhole and more.

Saturdays  11am-1pm
FREE for family facility members.