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My Life. My Promise. My Y.

Membership Special

My Life. My Promise. My Y.

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The Y is here to help you reach your goals.
Get started today and save up to $50 on your joiner fee and get a
FREE MYFit starter fitness program ($400 per adult value) when you join online.
*MYFIT Program is not currently offered at our Greater Bergen County Branch

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FREE MyFit Program ($400 value) 
= $450 Value

2 Adults = $850 Savings

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Why Join the Y

The Y is a nonprofit committed to helping everyone thrive at each stage of life.

Our community brings together people of all abilities, ages, ethnicities, financial circumstances, genders, races, religions and sexual orientations.

Your membership includes all of the following and MORE:

State-of-the-art fitness centers

Includes exercise machines, stretching areas, free weights and a weight room.

Pools, gyms and running

A safe environment for swimming, fitness and running for all ages and abilities.

Free group and water exercise classes

With over 70 types of classes to choose from, you’ll find something that’s right for you.

Free child watch while you workout

We offer free play, climbing area, arts & crafts, story times and more.

Nationwide Access

Membership gives you free access to all participating U.S. YMCA locations.

No annual fee

We believe our services, and not a contract, will keep you around.

Savings on swim lesson, special events and more

Free parent/child classes, family events, and guest speakers.