Our Impact - Perry



“Ground Zero … it was a life-altering experience for so many. Working at the site after the crash certainly changed my life, leaving me with many physical challenges. I had to stop working and my health suffered. 

I was referred to my YMCA by my doctor and given a very strange prescription, a prescription to the Y First Program. Three years ago, I completed the 12 week program and lost 30 pounds. More important than what I lost is what I gained. I discovered my YMCA was about more than just a means to lose weight. I made friends, increased my support system and had a sense of belonging. Becoming a member became a priority for me to continue on my path to physical and mental wellness. Unfortunately, I was facing financial hardship; my Y came through again and offered me assistance. Now I was a full member. Because of the experience of my Y’s generosity, when my mother passed away suddenly in 2014, I decided to give the small inheritance to my Y and become a member of the President’s Club.    

I wish neither of these life-changing events happened, but in both cases, I know some good has come from them.

The YMCA make strengthening our communities our cause. We help individuals and families everyday become stronger, more connected and secure. Help us make an impact in your community. Give to the Y.