The Gift of Good Health

Bernadette O'brien - Wayne YMCABernadette O’Brien and her husband joined the Y in Wayne in 1989. They had both just retired from the New York City Public School system. We both had stressful positions and had both developed diabetes. They were told by their doctors that exercise would be helpful to control the diabetes. The Y was highly recommended to them.

Bernadette and her husband came to the Y five times a week. She would take Aqua classes and enjoyed them very much. Soon she began to lose weight and felt much better. Consequently, she was also getting better doctor reports. Sometimes when the Aqua instructor, Dawn Amodio, needed a substitute, Bernadette would cover the class.

Soon Bernadette became a certified Aquacise instructor and continued to sub for when needed. In 2006, she started working for the Y teaching Aqua Core Dynamics. Since then, Bernadette went on to receive Qi Qong and T’ai Chi certifications as well as a certification in Deep Water and several other certifications. She then designed and introduced a Yo-Qi Gong T’ai fusion class and Deep Water Defying Gravity class for the Y.

Bernadette says, “The Y did two wonderful things for me. It helped me to lose weight and reverse my diabetes by providing an environment for me in which to workout and it allowed me to teach fitness, which is my passion. I am happy to be feeling so great and I love sharing my knowledge and passion for wellness with my participants. I have much to be grateful for in the world of fitness, for my relationship with the Y, and for the participants who come to class to give themselves the gift of good health each day.”


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