Rosen Performing Arts Center

Rent the Rosen Performing Arts Center in Wayne, NJ

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The Wayne YMCA is home to the beautiful Rosen Performing Arts Center, a professional theater which is available to rent for companies producing or presenting theater, concerts, dance or film as well as for meeting spaces or conferences. Free on-site parking (400 spaces). Additional rooms are available for receptions, meetings, extra dressing or rehearsal rooms.


Stage Dimensions: Arts/WayneYMCATheaterDressingRoom.gif

-42' wide by 20' deep
-Proscenium Height 18 ft

Stage Flooring:

-Masonite painted black


-Upstage black traveler manual pull on Stage Right
-Midstage black traveler manual pull on Stage Right
-Downstage red house curtain manual pull on Stage Right
-Three sets of legs on either side of stage 
-White Cyc Curtain Dead Hung Upstage


-48 2.4k useable dimmers and ETC Element Digital Console
-50 instruments in the air LED color changing over head wash and LED Colorstrip Mounted above and below Cyc Curtain
-Mounted Projector with drop down screen- VGA connection at stage level; VGA or HDMI connection available in booth
-DVD Player
-Please call to verify we have an adapter if you have and apple computer


-Two main speakers powered by a crown amp and one monitor mix
-24 Mackie Digital Sound Console with post processed effects
-6 Shure SM58 wired microphones with cables available
-5 AudioTechnia Shotgun Microphones with cables
-Straight Stand and Boom Microphone stands available
-4 Direct Imput boxes available with ¼ inch cables for instument hook up and 1/8 inch cable for computer/phone/ipod connection
-4 wireless AudioTechnica Handheld microphones available for an additional cost
-10 Shure wireless Body microphones available for an additional fee with rechargeable batteries

Dressing Rooms:

-2 private dressing rooms accommodating 10 clientuploads/_WayneYMCA/images/Performing Arts/WayneYMCATheaterGreenRoom.gif
performers each with private restroom facilities
-A 14' x 24' Green room which is directly adjacent to the stage and has a private external entrance.


-406 fixed seats
-6 spaces to accommodate wheelchairs
-6 transfer seats

Lobby/Facilities:clientuploads/_WayneYMCA/images/Performing Arts/WayneYMCATheaterLobby.gif

-Large indoor Lobby
-Additional rooms are available for receptions/rehearsals