South Mountain YMCA

Child Care for the South Orange and Maplewood Community


10 West Parker, Maplewood, NJ  07040

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INFANTS:  Full-week (6 wks. - 12 months) - In our infant care, each caregiver knows the importance of forming a close relationship with their assigned children and his/her family.
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WADDLERS: Full/Part-week (1 - 2 years) - As your child progresses, we create an environment that will build fine and gross motor skills, and cognitive development.
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TODDLERS: Full/Part-week (2 - 3 years) - Toddlers are learning so many new things emotionally and intellectually that the room is always very busy.
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PRESCHOOL: Full/Part-week (3 - 5 years) - Our five preschool classrooms are always filled with new discoveries. Our experienced teachers are ...
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Please call (973) 762-0860 for more information or to schedule a tour.

Before and After School Child Care

For children in Grades K-5 in the South Orange/Maplewood School District:

BEFORE SCHOOL CARE: Full-week, before school care is offered to children in grades K-5 and is held on-site, in the individual school's cafeteria
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Open until 7:00pm*: Full-week, Our School-Age Child Care (SACC) Program serves children in all of the Elementary schools for the South Orange/Maplewood School District and follows the School District’s School Calendar (*Varies by location)
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Full/Part-week, child care for children in Kindergarten through 5th grades, is offered for most of the days the South Orange/ Maplewood School District is closed during the school year. The program is held at the South Mountain YMCA
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For more information and to register, please call (973) 762-4145.

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