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Theater 1  (Entering Grade 1 - 2)
Theater 2  (Entering Grade 3 - 4)
Theater 3  (Entering Grade 5 - 9)

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Campers imaginations take the lead to captivate the stage as cast and crew. We work as a team rehearsing and preparing for fantastic productions. Singing, dancing, designing sets, props and costumes bring show nights to life!

Activities & Skills Our trained and passionate counselors assist with the entire show production from start to finish. We focus on the process, not the product all while having fun, making friends and building self esteem. Special events, swim instruction and field trips included. Singing, choreography, set, prop & costume design, puppetry, writing & more!

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Hours: 8:30am-5:30pm. No single week registrations.

Curbside revisions:
Our curbside drop-off schedule will be the following:
8:30-9:00am- Creative Theatre 1 (entering 1st-2nd grade)
9:00-9:30am- Creative Theatre 2 & 3 (entering 3rd-9th grade)
Our curbside pick-up schedule will be the following:
4:30-5:00pm- Creative Theatre 1 (entering 1st-2nd grade)
5:00-5:30pm- Creative Theatre 2 & 3 (entering 3rd-9th grade)

Location: First Presbyterian & Trinity Church, 111 Irvington Ave. S. Orange
Before and After Camp Care is NOT available. 
Director: Gail Sprague, Director of Enrichment & Family Programs
Creative Theater cell (862) 438.1718 

Session 1 (July 6 - July 17)

T1 (entering grades 1-2): Alice in Wonderland

T2 (entering grades 3-4): Peter Pan Jr.

T3 (entering grades 5-9): Peter Pan Jr.

Session 2  (July 20 - August 7)

T1 (entering grades 1-2): Moana Jr.

T2 (entering grades 3-4): Moana Jr.

T3 (entering grades 5-9): Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Jr.

Session 3  (August 10 - August 28)

T1 (entering grades 1-2): Willy Wonka Jr.

T2 (entering grades 3-4): Willy Wonka Jr.

T3 (entering grades 5-9): Annie Jr.

*All shows are pending license acquisition.

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Creative Theater is accredited by the American Camp Association.

Parent Shout-Outs:

"The directors are a major part of the magic of the program. They are incredibly talented with some serious theatre chops! Yet it’s also clear that they are there to make more than just an excellent production – it’s about engaging and loving and supporting the kids, meeting them where they are, trusting and encouraging them, and most of all caring about how they are as people, not just as performers."

"Great low-pressure opportunity to be on stage.  Kids obviously felt a sense of ownership & pride in all aspects of producing the play.  In a town with an extremely competitive performing arts population and drama camps to choose form, the Y drama camp is a great alternative because the kids clearly are empowered to take the lead in all aspects."

"The staff can be so inspiring and the camp really allows each child to be who they are."

Creative Arts Camp not only taught our daughter about musical theater, but how to work as a  team, support your fellow cast members, memorize lines and music, create a character, and  really built her self-esteem. We can't thank you enough for a wonderful summer!"

“The counselors are just fantastic, they really make the camp as special as it is.  I’m always  amazed by how much they do with the plays in such a short amount of time.” 



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