South Mountain YMCA

Masters of Art

Inspire young minds and explore artists from around the world.  We'll focus on masters artists from different eras:  Vincent Van Gogh, Yoyoi Kusmam and Keith Haring.  Campers will imagine, design and create self-portraits, collages and other graphic designs. We go on weekly trips and have our inspired art exhibit on the last day! 

 Entering Grade 3-5
Dates July 15 - August 6
Location Civic House, 124 Dunnell Rd Maplewood
Hours 9am - 3:30pm
Cost $1065 for 3 week session. 
Camp Director  Anjole King
Before and After Care is available. Before Care starts at 7am for $50/wk. After Care ends at 7pm for $85/wk.

Information & Forms

Week 1 Vincent Van Gogh: Post-Impressionism, Neo-Impressionism. 
Yayoi Kusmam: Pop Art, Minimalism, Feminist Art
Keith Haring: Pop Art, Graffiti, Cartooning

Welcome to Masters of Art

Camp Parent Guide

Parent Shout-Out:

"Masters of Arts camp with Ms Anjole was absolutely brilliant. Everything they did, from the activities to the artists they studied, was phenomenal. Hannah talked about that arts camp in the evening and on the weekend. She was so inspired and engaged. Yes, she is an artist and a writer so it was right up her alley. But truly, this was an exceptional experience."