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After-School Activities for Middle Schoolers in Wayne, NJ

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Middle Schoolers Thrive at the Metro YMCA

The Metro YMCA in Wayne, NJ is pleased to offer middle school students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades a free membership to the Y. Our goal is to provide students with an interactive after-school experience that supports and encourages them to live healthy lifestyles and make responsible choices.

Why Choose a Middle School Program for Kids After School?

Research shows that middle school is a critical time in a young person’s life when exposure to risk factors greatly increases. Additionally, during early teen years, youth begin to distance themselves from family and the positive support systems they have relied on for guidance as young children. This increased independence and vulnerability to new conditions and influences have been shown to increase the likelihood of unhealthy behaviors, including substance abuse, delinquency, teen pregnancy, school drop-outs, and violence. The Metro YMCA makes middle school programs for after-school kids accessible that support youth and provide opportunities that empower them to reach their potential. As middle-school-age children enter their early teen years, we provide them with the knowledge, skills, character, and passion for being more active in the community as they become young adults.

The Importance of After-School Programs for Middle Schoolers

While middle school is an exciting time of transition for your child, it also comes with new experiences and a little uncertainty. As children say goodbye to the halls of their elementary schools and start on a new educational journey, they encounter many other changes as well. Their groups of friends transform, interests in activities and hobbies evolve, and even their bodies start to change. All of these new developments can lead to issues with self-esteem, temptation to try to fit in, and social drama that can cause stress or depression. The Metro YMCA provides children with an opportunity to stay engaged in activities they enjoy after school with kids their own age to reduce exposure to tempting situations that lead to unhealthy behavior and feelings of isolation.

The Metro YMCA Offers Free After-School Programs

About 64% of households have two parents that are employed. This means that a large percentage of middle school children come home from school to an empty house. While some middle schools may offer seasonal after-school activities through athletics or clubs, many public schools do not have the resources to provide consistent after-school programs for middle school kids in Wayne, NJ. Children in their early teens end up with a lot of unstructured time that can lead to hours of unhealthy screen time or other behavior detrimental to a healthy lifestyle. Our middle school after-school programs include activities in various categories that are sure to pique the interest of every early teen. Whether your middle school-aged son or daughter is interested in academics, art, or athletics, our daily activities will have them engaged in a positive learning environment and equip them with the tools they need to make good decisions in life and care about their community.

Trained Counselors at Our Middle School After-School Program

The Metro YMCA staff and counselors provide a safe, interactive environment for middle schoolers in Wayne, NJ. We are professionals that specialize in being positive role models for young teens while guiding their transition into to teen-hood. As children go through adolescence and try to distance themselves from parents and family, it is critical that they are still provided with a secure space to spend time with friends who share similar interests. Our after-school activity counselors provide supervision and structure for effective programs while serving a critical role as a positive role-model, teaching valuable life lessons.

How to Join the Free Middle School Program in Wayne, NJ

Joining the middle school activity program can be completed in just three easy steps. And best of all? It’s free! We are truly dedicated to ensuring that middle school kids have access to high-quality after-school programs that will not only provide a safe environment after school but will empower them with the tools they need to become positive contributors to the community as they enter teen- and adulthood. Sign up should be done in-person at the Metro YMCA following these steps:

  1. Middle schoolers signing up for the program must bring a school ID, roster, or report card and be accompanied by a parent or guardian. This needs to be done in-person. Mailing or dropping off items is not allowed.
  2. The parent or guardian will complete the required membership paperwork and sign the form.
  3. Both the student and parent or guardian must attend a Y orientation to begin the membership. Contact us for orientation dates and times.

How Long Does the After-School Program Run?

The middle school after-school activity program in Wayne, NJ begins at the YMCA in September of each school year and runs through the end of the school year, typically ending around the third week of June. You do not have to sign up for the program prior to the start of the school year, as we accept sign-ups for the after-school program until the beginning of December. Once signed up, middle school members must attend a fitness orientation before using the Wellness Center at the YMCA. Fitness orientation sessions can be scheduled by visiting the Wellness Center and signing up directly with them. All returning middle school participants should register at the Welcome Center at the beginning of each school year and attend orientation with a parent or guardian.

What’s Included with the Middle School After-School Program?

The free membership to the middle school after-school activity program at the Wayne, NJ YMCA includes many of the amazing benefits of a paid membership to the Y. Kids will enjoy full use of the pool and our gymnasium. Our counselors coordinate daily organized group activities, sports classes, and valuable homework assistance.

Specialty Classes for Middle Schoolers

Middle school kids who sign up for the free after-school program will have access to various specialty classes in fields that interest them. No matter what your son or daughter enjoys, we have a specialty class that allows them to explore subjects deeper. Specialty classes are available Monday-Friday from 4:00 pm-6:00 pm and include science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), art, fitness, and athletics courses. Full schedules are available at the YMCA.

Middle School Fitness Classes After School in Wayne, NJ

Early teens who enroll in our middle school afternoon activities will have access to our optional fitness classes. Physical fitness provides many health benefits, including maintaining a healthy weight, improved blood circulation, a clear mind, and better sleep. The full schedule of specialty classes, including fitness classes, is posted online and at the YMCA. Please keep in mind that our class dates are subject to change.

Build Leadership Skills Through the Leader’s Club at the Y

Leader's Club is a year-long, Y-based leadership development program for middle school and high school teens with direction from YMCA staff advisers. Through Leaders’ Clubs, teens receive extensive leadership training and engage in a variety of volunteer opportunities that support both Y programs and the community. Young teens enrolled in our after-school activities will have access to this excellent program to build their leadership skills and confidence.

Family Benefits for Middle School After School Members

When your middle school child joins the after-school program at the YMCA in Wayne, NJ, the fun activities and advantages of being a Y member don’t end with your middle schooler. Your entire family has guest access to our facility, services, and programs during our “Middle School Nights.” Bring the whole family and enjoy all that the YMCA has to offer. Visit the Welcome Center for schedules and additional information. Click here for a flyer with more details!

Join the Middle School After-School Program at the Y

The YMCA’s mission is to strengthen the foundations in our community and nurture the potential in kids of all ages. From our youth sports leagues and classes to our middle school after-school activities, we've assembled various inclusive programs for young toddlers up through teenagers that build self-esteem and teach the value of looking out for friends and neighbors. Take advantage of all that the Metro YMCA offers your middle school child and become a member of our free middle school membership program today.