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Personal Fitness at Wayne YMCA

Member Introductory Training Session

We are here to help you reach your fitness goals. Before you get started, take advantage of our 2 free introductory training sessions (ITS). The first session is an assessment of your fitness level so we know where to start and the second session is a personalized fitness routine that you can take with you. All ITS's are conducted by nationally accredited, certified personal trainers. Sign up at your convenience with Cathy Scutti, Health & Wellness Director.

Challenging workouts with a Certified Personal Trainer designed to meet your specific fitness goals, including: 

  • Improved Muscular Strength
  • Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Weight Loss
  • Flexibility
  • Post-Injury Rehabilitation
  • Sports-Performance Training

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Personal Fitness Programs

Couch to 5K Training Program

Join the Wayne YMCA fitness Couch to 5K program starting Sunday March 24th. We will be training every Wednesday (5:30pm) and Sunday (10am)  We will all be running to Wayne Rotary club 5k race on Saturday, June 1st. The training program will be shared with all who are interested. We will be having an information workshop on Thursday, March 21st at 7pm. Please register at welcome center if interested.

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Wellness Coaching

Our Wellness Coaching Center is designed to lend a helping hand to our members who want to develop good exercise behaviors. Every YMCA member can take advantage of this FREE 8-week program. Our friendly, nurturing environment is staffed with nationally certified Personal Trainer/Lifestyle coaches who will help you learn how to set goals, exercise safely and appropriately in a structured, non-intimidating environment. At the YMCA, we want you to reach your goals and discover how satisfying Healthy Living can be!

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Aqua Personal Training

Low impact aerobic and strength training. One on one instruction enables you and your coach to use specific exercises to target affected areas of the body to increase strength, balance, flexibility, range of motion and coordination. Contact Cathy Scutti, Health & Wellness Director for more information.

Small Group Training

This is a high intensity, goal-oriented personal training program. The beauty of small-group training is the camaraderie and friendly competition it inspires in participants. Contact Joe Nazare at ext. 289 for more information.



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