West Essex YMCA

Group Classes

Women posing during yoga

FREE for Facility Members Only A minimum of 5 participants needed to run the class. Schedule subject to change.


Body Fusion
Strengthen the entire body using hand weights, dynabands or stability balls. Non-aerobic.

Boot Camp
Lose weight, develop muscles, increase your endurance and gain self-confidence with military style strength training and cardiovascular techniques. Step platform work is often incorporated.

Cardio and Core
Intense cardio and muscle conditioning drills are combined to kick-start your day with a vigorous workout.

Indoor group cycling for all fitness levels. Limited availability, reservations begin 1 day prior.

Dancing with the Y
Burn calories, strengthen your heart and tone your muscles using a variety of dance styles and music. Also improve balance and coordination.

Defend Together
A gripping hour that burns a ton of calories and builds total body strength.  Tap into the newest mixed martial arts movements done at a rapid-fire pace to smash your cardio fitness.  This workout combines cutting-edge moves with thrilling music.

Empower Gloves and Pads
Martial arts conditioning and the use of gloves and pads help build inner strength and endurance for mind and body.

Empower Mind and Body
Harness your inner strength to overcome life’s obstacles and accomplish your personal goals.

Functional Circuit Training
Train your muscles to work the way they do in everyday tasks.

Gentle Fitness
Low-impact cardio workout includes light aerobics, stretching, hand weights, dynabands, and stability balls. Great for seniors or beginners.

Integrated Yoga
The principles of yoga are partnered with muscle conditioning exercises for enhancing strength and balance.

Keep on Movin' (Active Older Adults)
The principles of Tai Chi are applied to help our active older adults improve their balance, achieve greater confidence and enhance their well being.  Strengthening the body to prevent slips and falls is a key focus of this program

Pilates (beginner to intermediate)
Strengthen your core, gain flexibility and balance. Incorporates Pilates mat techniques for an overall body workout.

Sculpt and Stretch
Stretch, strengthen and sculpt the entire body with stability balls, hand weights, or bands. Core muscle conditioning is emphasized.

Super Sonic Seniors
Seniors get moving with this gentle full body workout, set to music from the 50's and 60's. The class includes seated exercise, plus some standing work using a chair for support. The focus is on strength, flexibility, range of motion and balance. Very social and lots of fun.

Tai Chi
Gentle form of martial arts designed to improve balance, memory, flexibility and focus. Ideal for all levels.

Total Body Conditioning (TBC)
Full body workout combining cardio and muscle training segments.  For all fitness levels.

TRX® 30 Minute Focus

Zeroes in on the abdominals, back and glutes.

TRX® Functional Training Class

Get a fast, effective total-body workout, improve mobility and flexibility, build lean muscle and develop functional strength.

TRX® for Seniors

Learn how to use the TRX® Suspension Trainer to improve function, assist with balance and coordination.

Develop strength, flexibility, balance, and relaxation. Improve your health and create a sense of well-being. Become more relaxed and stress free.

Zumba® fuses hypnotic latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic workout. High energy cardio class.

Zumba® Plus!
Learn the basics of Zumba®, plus 30 minutes of muscle conditioning. 

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