West Essex YMCA

Preschool Care in Livingston, NJ

Our three preschool classrooms are always filled with new discoveries. Our certified teachers use new and enticing experiences to help the 3 and 4 year olds learn. Our ratio is 1:9, which is well below the state ratio of 1:12. Our preschool classrooms contain many different learning centers:

  • housekeeping and dress up area (socialization/social studies)
  • science area (science/math)
  • manipulative area (math/logic/literacy/fine motor)
  • block area (math/science/social studies)
  • art area (creativity, fine motor)
  • reading corner (literacy)
  • writing area (literacy, fine motor)
  • water/sand table (science/math)
  • gym time (gross motor)

In addition, Peanut Shell provides a weekly Swim and Gym Session, a Music and Movement Class, and optional Computer and Music Classes for all preschool children.

Parent Testimonials:

  • Ms Pat has taught my son a lot in the past six months. When I took my son to his music class, the teacher pointed to the picture with a big boat and asked what it was. My son was the only one with the answer, “cruise boat.” Everyone else just said, “boat.” I was amazed!
  • Ms Michele has been truly instrumental in getting my daughter over her fear of using “the potty,” which has been an enormous struggle! Ms Michele’s extreme patience and understanding gave my daughter the confidence she needed to overcome her “big” obstacle. Many thanks to Ms Michele for her much appreciated efforts!