West Essex YMCA

Toddler Care 24-36 Months Old

If you enter one of our toddler classes during the day, you will encounter several different experiences. The toddlers are learning so many new things emotionally and intellectually that the room is always very busy. Our experienced teachers enjoy watching the toddlers eyes' glisten when they learn/see something new.

  • Children between ages 24-36 months.
  • Toddler ratio is 1:5.
  • Toilet training is introduced, but never forced.
  • All caregivers are CPR and first aid certified.
  • Our teachers make sure that each child is stimulated by organized activities such as arts and craft, music and movement, story time, water play, finger play, songs.
  • Learning to put on/take off an item of clothing whether it is during potty training or in the dress up area.
  • Discovering the force of gravity in the block area and giggling as their tower comes down.
  • Smiling faces lining up to go to our large indoor play-space for playtime.
  • Learning how to recognize their names and different letters.

...and these are just to name a few.

Since our center maintains a 1:5 ratio in this classroom, the teachers are able to help the children when they are working on their independence and emotional development. For example, a toddler attempting to put his/her own shoes on can take a few minutes, especially if they are getting frustrated. Our teachers are able to work with that child one on one, without rushing him/her. These situations occur frequently in the toddler room and we use every effort to foster self-esteem and independence, as well as develop self-help skills, socialization, speaking and listening skills.

Parent Testimonials:

  • In the two and half months that Jason has been in the Zebras class he learned more than I ever thought possible at this stage. Just to name a few things, he is now able to name the days of the week (in English and Spanish), the months of the year, and he is able to spell both his first and last names as well.
  • Ms Alma gives 150% of herself to the kids. She is warm, caring and an amazing influence on the Zebra kids. My child loves her so much. Ms Alma loves those children as if they were her own. Her hugging and kissing and affection go a long way and the children are the better for it.
  • My son Adam has been back in the program for only about six weeks.  I am very pleased with the detail in the reports that she sends home (especially the letter that goes home every Friday), the organization of the lesson plans and all of the great programs she is establishing. I think she is a wonderful addition to the already great staff at Peanut Shell.