West Essex YMCA


Volunteer application

To volunteer at the West Essex Branch, please forward your application to Toni Brannick

To volunteer at the West Essex YMCA Peanut Shell Early Learning Center, please forward your application to Stephanie Anderson

The YMCA is a volunteer driven organization which provides our community with extensive services and programs. Volunteers cultivate leadership skills, develop a high sense of self-esteem and have the opportunity to demonstrate our core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. There are many opportunities throughout the year when we need volunteers: special events, youth programs or help during a fundraiser. We also offer Togetherhood, a program which connects people from all backgrounds to plan and carry out volunteer projects that address needs in our community.

There are three main areas of service at the West Essex YMCA.  Each role is unique and important. Everything we do is designed to nurture the potential of children and teens: Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility.

Youth Development

Volunteers contribute to positively affecting of thousands of kids throughout the year. They teach, mentor, guide and support kids from their first few weeks of life through their first steps into adulthood.

Opportunities include:

  • Youth Sports
  • Child Care/ School Age Child Care Assistants
  • Sport Program Assistants
  • Special Events

Healthy Living

The YMCA volunteers are role models for the community we serve.  They provide resources and guidance to kids, adults and families so they can achieve greater health and well-being in spirit, mind and body.

Opportunities include:

  • Nutritional Learning
  • Supporting community events like Healthy Kids Day
  • Welcoming and serving Y members and participants 

Social Responsibility

Volunteers become an advocate of the social needs of the YMCA and the surrounding community.  They help contribute to the mission of the YMCA.

Opportunities include:

  • Board Member on the Board of Manager
  • Program Committee Member
  • Story teller and Fundraiser for the Annual Support Campaign

These opportunities occasionally lead to year-round full or part time employment with our organization. The YMCA provides a positive, enriching atmosphere that allows each volunteer to gain a unique experience and a sense of community.