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Impact Report 2018

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Letter From Leadership

Dear Friend,

As we strive to be a vital center for community in each of our seven branches, our YMCA focuses on our ability to welcome and serve. In this retrospective of our impact in 2018, we see this focus as a driving force to our success. We have grown both facilities and programs, always with a goal of serving more members of the community and welcoming the rich diversity of our shared humanity.

The Metro Y is committed not only to opening the door to everyone who knocks, but to being able to extend a hand to help them in. In support of this commitment, in 2018, we awarded $1.8 million dollars in direct financial assistance to members to engage in YMCA programs.

It is an exciting time at our Y, as we revitalize our focus on communicating our cause driven mission. We are expanding the definition of the YMCA and welcoming you and others to partner with us. In 2018, we set the stage for the future of our Y by completing the development of a 3-year Commitment to Cause strategic plan.

Our mission to strengthen community through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility is not three distinct pillars, but rather a tightly woven safety net for our communities. Service extends beyond members and last year an additional $1.5 million in additional community benefit programs were provided by our YMCA to the local public.

As you explore the following impact report, you will find evidence of our determination to remain relevant and responsive in today’s ever-changing society. Assessing need and transforming the nature of our work in order to serve is why the Metropolitan YMCA of the Oranges has been a vital community asset for over 134 years.


Board of Directors

The Metropolitan YMCA of the Oranges Board of Directors provides governance, policy direction, and fund-raising support for the entire Association. The visionary leadership of these volunteers helps us provide extraordinary youth development, and healthy living experiences and so much more throughout our service area.

Metropolitan YMCA of the Oranges - Board of Directors

Dr. Valerie Jean Ablaza • Harry Atlas, Esq. • Kenneth Bagner • Jason Baynes, M.D. • Dan Borgna • 
Lisa Brady • Larry Fechner, Esq. • Ted Foung • Paul A. Gomperz • James Griffin • 
Alease Griffith, Ed.D • Lori Hager, Esq. • Robert Harrigan • Kenneth D. King, Ed.D • W. Joshua Levering, SIOR • Joan Parlin • Daren J. Phil • Theresa Pollard, Esq. • Lenford Robins • Matthew Rosenthal • A. Michael Rubin • William R. Ruhl • Peter Schofel • Ronald Schwarz • Alex Serrano, CPA • Lisa Pompey Smith • Peter H. Tanella, Esq. • Stuart Vorcheimer • Marlene Waldock • Michele D. Williams

Financial Responsibility

Contributions / Grants $4,026,000
Membership $6,247,000
Program $27,503,000
Other $5,271,000
TOTAL REVENUE $43,047,000
Program Services $31,187,000
Supporting Services $6,682,000
TOTAL EXPENSES $37,869,000

2018 audited financial statements examined by R.A. Fredericks & Company, LLP.

Investing in Community

Creating Personal Change

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Thank you for letting us share a bit about the Metropolitan YMCA of the Oranges. Hopefully you learned something new about how our YMCA strives to provide for the ever changing needs of the communities we serve. We could not serve without so many wonderful members, donors, partners and community supporters.

Our Mission: Strengthen community through youth development, healthy living, social responsibility

Impact Report 2018
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